12 February 2017 nelly

What is entrepreneurship ?

Follow me a little further into the crazy life of entrepreneurship. Here is my vision. It should be completely different from one person to another because after all it is a story of Man.

My vision of entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship? Tough question, everyone is an entrepreneur, whether in his personal or professional life. Entrepreneurship is given to everyone, people said.
I’m not so sure …

Entrepreneurship is a decision impacting your lifestyle, a sacrifice somehow not really measured at the beginning. Ready to  exclusively think  about your project’ success ? For my part, every night is another night thinking on how we can improve our business.

Entrepreneurship is about seeking taste for freedom while knowing that the road will be strewn with pitfalls. You know roller coasters? Same story. Entrepreneurial life is a constant emotional lift, where one must know how to take a step back while being inside day-t-day operations. Indeed, good news is your life will never be the same, a good day will be the national startup day in your head, and a bad one, a total misunderstanding of why I do that? Why am I doing this especially?

Entrepreneurship is about loving risk. Measured in some way, but whatever your decision it will be your fault if you have not taken the right one and vice versa of course.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge to surpass yourself, trying to give the world new horizons. It’s a hectic life where every day is different, great people, strong opportunities opening up, new ideas emerging.

In any case, it’s so amazing that if you like what you do, you do not even see that you work until 4 am even on Saturday 🙂

And you, how do you define Entrepreneurship ?

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  1. I love the way you define entrepreneurship according to your point of view, and also appreciate the reference to Silicon Valley TV show within the picture. For me, Entrepreneurship relies on passion and hard work. As you said, it could be 4 a.m, it doesn’t matter because you give your heart and all your feelings to your project. Entrepreneurship also got a lot of relations to deal with because it’s one of its basis. I’ll look forward to see more article about it and other subjects, great job ! 🙂

    • Nelly

      Dear Terry, thanks for your message ???? I definitely think entrepreneurship is a way of being convinced that we can make this world a better place by delivering useful and impactful solutions. What is your project about ? ????

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