12 August 2018 nelly

Sunday, where do we come from

You may have known Hopen Family, a solution we developed 4 years ago for my grandmother in a nursing home. She was obviously not on Facebook or Instagram … so it was quite complicate to communicate with her knowing that I lived in New York, my sister in China and my brother in London. At that time, we had set up a system so that she could receive all our photos on her television. She loved it. She was so happy to follow the adventures of her grandchildren in real time.

First as a family story, the adventure quickly became the matter of our startup with a strong social impact. The story begins on November 9, 2016.

After months of R&D, our presence at the Websummit in Lisbon, we’ve been helped by the New Aquitaine region, and we developed the first Hopen Family. We installed our solution in health facilities (nursing homes, senior care houses, clinics, senior residences …) and felt that beyond bringing joy to our elders, we had created a new communication channel for healthcare teams.

Gradually, we also felt that beyond the seniors, our solution could please other people, with new use cases. Children at the hospital, rehabilitation centers and even at home.. because finally, watching your loved one’s on TV is always pleasant and more convivial, no? Be patient, it’s for Christmas 🙂

How did we get to Sunday?

After long brainstorming, I had this discussion with Vanessa, our Marketing Associate from Austin. She randomly said “I should finish my thesis by Sunday“. Maybe we should call it a “Eureka” because Sunday catched my attention. We shared it on Slack with our team and it became obvious.

Why Sunday?

Sunday is THE family day : rest, chill, do some activities and take some times with our loved ones. This typical moment to sort out our photos and share them. Sunday, literally “the day of the sun” takes its place into our universe. Let’s bring sunlight into the lives of our loved ones, share warm moments and simple little pleasures.

And, you, did you already change your brand name ?