Hopen Family : recreate the link with your grandparents

Two years ago, Nelly Meunier’s grandmother in bed in nursing home felt isolated. Since she was not on social networks, she could not take advantage of what her grandchildren were doing on the other side of the world. Then, Nelly and Pierre tinkered with a box to connect to the television. This small device receives pictures that family members send.

Indeed, away from the new connected generation, grandparents often feel left out. “The technicality and complexity of social networks is still too mush for many seniors” says Pierre, co-founder. Since television is the means of dissemination that seniors use on average 4 hours a day, they decided to exploit this medium to mediate and provide a personal communication link between the elderly and their families.

The three founders then created Hopen Family, a HDMI key connected behind the television allowing seniors to watch their family’s activity. “I can not do without Hopen Family. My little girl, being abroad, I get all her photos,” says Annie Lejard, grandmother of 2 grandchildren overseas. Hopen Project has surrounded itself with laboratories in the Region of Aquitaine in R & D to accompany it on the stages of development of the solution in the fields of cognition, Internet Thing and aging. They also signed 4 contracts with EHPADs to implement the solution.