30 March 2017 nelly

Find your antidote to relax

Entrepreneurship is a mental sport with roller coasters, emotional lifts, good and bad news. Every day is punctuated by encounters, important strategic choices, pivots … So how to hold on?

Sport is still a good solution

OK, it’s not the breaking news of the year, but the first two years of my company, I devoted all my time to my project. What often implies to be little crazy. No way of losing a day, even an hour, everything can happen! Actually, nothing happens, that’s not the right way to think. So we have to find alternatives, antidotes … and sport is the best yet. For my part, 30 minutes of sport every morning to start the day. Too bad if you have to get up early.

Travel more helps to get away

Get out of your everyday lifestyle and immerse yourself in new cultures and no need to always go far. For a weekend, drive away, relax, breath and refocus. You’ll enjoy to see how things will be obvious. Open-mindedness also requires an understanding of neighboring markets. The good practices of a country can apply to our issues. I think it’s essential I leave to recharge elsewhere and take a step back and height on the situations. The result will convince you when you come back ready to climb business moutains as the secret life of Walter Mitty.

And you, what is your antidote?

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