29 March 2017 nelly

Entrepreneurship is a question of Men

When we have an idea and we want to implement it, building a leading team is, for me, essential. Indeed, being able to confront one’s idea with others, to get a transversal view of the strategies to settle, structure a solid project requires exchange and sharing.

A company is above all a Connection of Men

Raising a solid project is often perceived by the cohesion of the men who carry it. The credibility given to the entrepreneur is the ability to carry out this project. So it seems logical that our projects are not conceivable by one man. The processes complexity, the knowledge and the expertise of sharp subjects requires the intervention of several genius people. Beyond talent, the cohesion of the team is forged on the sharing of the same vision, the same values ​​and the same desires.

Why two or three founders?

All in the same boat ! On the one hand, it is important to find complementary profiles, it is rare that a person knows how to do everything, even if as an entrepreneur it is necessary to deal with everything. In our situation – innovation, it is necessary to have a technological, strategic and commercial expertise. Hence our three profiles. Everyone has a very specific mission that brings all the value of our company. After all, we believe first in a team then we look at the project. Because a good team will always find a way to make a tangible project, the reciprocal is not necessarily verified.

And you, do you prefer to be alone or partner up ?