12 March 2017 nelly

Determination is the key success factor

I watched the movie “The Founder” with my businesswoman friend. The story of Ray Kroc, a 58 years old businessmen who bought McDonald’s. The final word: determination.

From idea

Having an idea is great, go on market it’s another story. Ideas, we must have all 10 of them a day, good or bad, they are the fruit of our imagination, a resolution to an issue surrounding us, a desire to change the world and current methods.

But an idea by itself will remain an idea. It must be constructed, shaped, rotated from all angles until it is crystal clear. Is it achievable? Is the market ready to receive my idea?

To determination

This is where we go back into the eal world, ending the idea on paper, we must – as any good conductor – harmonize the ensemble to build a real melody. And you won’t believe me, but determination will make the difference. If you let go, no one will come to do things for you, you are the master of this game.

Do not quit until you are convinced that it is a good idea. You’ll see, sometimes all the lights are green and you take off then suddenly everything turns red and goes back to orange, then to green … you have to compose, relativize, and above all never be discouraged.

Are you also convinced that determination is vital?

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